Accu​Battery MOD APK 2.0.13 (Pro Unlocked)

Accu Battery is free and easy to use. Get it now and follow these easy steps to increase your phone's battery life:

App Name Accu​Battery
Size 6M
Latest Version 2.0.13
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MOD Info Pro Unlocked
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Accu​Battery MOD APK is a simple, but very useful smart battery app. It helps you to save battery life and increase battery performance. Also this battery saving app shows accurate battery level and remaining time on screen. You can also view the history of your battery usage with the help of advanced analysis of each application’s impact on the phone’s battery power. It provides detailed information about CPU and sensors status which enable you to get more control over energy consumption. The most important feature of AccuBattery is its stunning widgets that allows users to check their remaining battery power without having to open the app!

Accu​Battery MOD APK

AccuBattery is the most efficient and informative battery saver, that shows you a complete battery life of your smartphone. It will automatically learn the apps you use the most and prioritize them. Accu Battery also provides other useful features, such as a power usage graph at a glance. It also includes an easy-to-use power settings widget that helps you control which applications do or not use background data Not only that, it has profiles to enable or disable different settings at specified times during the day.

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Accu​Battery protects battery health, displays battery usage information, and measures battery capacity (mAh) based on science.


Batteries have a limited lifespan. Every time you charge your device, it wears out the battery, lowering its total capacity. Scientific research shows that battery lifespan can be extended up to 200%, when you charge your device to only 80%.

– Use our charge alarm to prolong your battery lifespan.
– Discover how much battery wear was endured during your charge session.


Accu​Battery measures the actual battery usage using information from the battery charge controller. Battery usage per app is determined by combining these measurements with information on which app is in the foreground. Android calculates battery usage using pre-baked profiles that device manufacturers provide, like how much power the CPU uses. In practice however, these numbers tend to be highly inaccurate.

– Monitor how much battery your device is using
– Know how long you can use your device when it’s active or in standby mode
– Find out how much power each app uses.
– Check how often your device gets woken up from deep sleep.


Use Accu​Battery to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device. Measure the charging current (in mA) to find out!

– Check how fast your device is charging when the screen is on or off.
– Know how long it takes to charge your phone and when it’s finished.


– Measure real battery capacity (in mAh).
– Use the charge alarm to prolong battery lifespan.
– See how much wear your battery sustains with each charge session.
– Look up the discharge speed and battery consumption per app.
Remaining charge time – know how long it takes before your battery is charged.
Remaining use time – know when you will run out of battery.
Screen on or screen off estimations.
– Check the percentage of deep sleep, when the device is in standby mode.
Ongoing notification for real time battery statistics at a glance.


– Use Dark and AMOLED black themes to save energy.
– Access to historical sessions older than 1 day.
– Detailed battery statistics in notification.
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We’re a small, independent app developer with a focus on quality and passion for battery statistics. AccuBattery doesn’t require access to privacy-sensitive information and doesn’t make false claims. If you like the way we work, support us by upgrading to the Pro version.


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