Dangerous Shelter – Choice

Dangerous Shelter MOD APK v2.8.4 (Unlimited Money)

Dangerous Shelter is an otome game where players will transform into girls living in shelters and meeting other impressive characters.

App Name Dangerous Shelter - Choice
Size 148M
Latest Version 2.8.4
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MOD Info Unlimited Money

Dangerous Shelter APK is an otome game that features girls living in shelters. You will transform into the characters and meet other impressive characters. Since there are many interesting activities behind the scenes, you need to pay attention to your development process. Get off the beaten path and enjoy Dangerous Shelter, a unique visual novel experience with stunning art, characters and story lines.Meet people of all kinds in this world of war and take part in dangerous missions to save it!

What is Dangerous Shelter Mod APK

Are you interested in dangerous life? If so, Dangerous Shelter can provide you with a safe and ideal background. You will transform into girls living in shelters and meeting other impressive characters. Players can interact with these characters and make decisions for themselves. At the same time, besides developing relationships, they also need to pay attention to the activities they can do in the game. So they will choose their development process.

In Dangerous Shelter, you’re the heroine, who is forced to live in the shelter after a disaster destroys your world. What you need to do is to choose one of the characters in the shelter and escape from the dangers of this place. At the same time, besides developing relations with different characters, you also need to pay attention to your development process.

After a massive pandemic, the world has been transformed into a terrible place. You will form teams, build shelters and live together with other survivors. In such a dangerous place, how to survive will be the core problem you need to solve. Meanwhile, as you have to survive in this harsh environment, many surprises and events will occur during your interaction with others. To create a harmonious society, you need not only strengthen the relationship between different groups but also pay attention to it well.’

Your Life hangs on your choices!

In Dangerous Shelter, you can enjoy an interactive otome game with 20 more endings and full stories!
Get various episodes by your choices and LOVE to survive in the zombie world!
You have 180 days to prove yourself and get different stories.
What is the Ending led by your choices, Survive or Love?

Storytaco’s’s third interactive game in the Dangerous Fellows zombie universe!
Dangerous Shelter, an otome game with episodes combining stories and survival!

▣ Prologue ▣

10 years after the stories of Dangerous Fellows….
The whole world has been completely destroyed by zombies.
Doing your best to survive in this world with your choices.
You end up in a Shelter, the only place where mankind can live safely….

👩‍🌾 Events with interactive stories that happens in a variety of situations

👗 Unique character costumes by episodes

⏳ Fast interactive otome game progression
(No waiting required to play this interactive otome game or seeing the ending stories.)

💕 Pick your stories and get Love!
Happy ending stories with the boys, heroic moments, and even bitter failure,
Episodes depending on your choices!

▣ Game Play ▣

📅 You have 180 days to prove your worth. Your schedule is your choice!

💰 Earn money by working different jobs at the shelter and get hidden stories!

💪 Train yourself to better survive the zombie land and get event episodes!

🔍 Explore the surroundings and find useful items with special stories!

🎫 Collect and watch all the endings with different stories by your choices!

▣ Dangerous Shelter is for those who..

♥ Want to play an interactive otome game but not so common!
♥ Are looking for a brand new survival story game with choices in zombie land!
♥ Want to collect all the endings with special episodes!
♥ Are interested in fateful love in desperate situations!
♥ Have played Dangerous Fellows and wanna know the next episodes!
♥ Want to try an otome roleplay game by their own choices!
♥ Love to play an otome interactive game with zombie fantasy stories!
♥ Want to experience how to survive in zombie land with various episodes!
♥ Like watching anime or novels about love stories!

◆Notice about phone permissions◆

The following services will need additional permissions when using the app.
[Optional Permissions]
– Storage (Pictures, Media, Files) : For saving illustrations on your device
[Retracting Permissions]
Options > Privacy > Choose permission > Choose app > Allow or Deny Permission

Contact: [email protected]

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