EOBD Facile: OBD 2 Car Scanner

EOBD Facile MOD APK 3.55.0984 (Plus Unlocked)

EOBD Facile is a special program that allows you to access, repair and maintain your car by studying all the information on your vehicle.

App Name EOBD Facile: OBD 2 Car Scanner
Size 32M
Latest Version 3.55.0984
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MOD Info Plus Unlocked

EOBD Facile Mod APK is a specialized media manager for all levels that allows users to diagnose and repair major and minor problems with absolute confidence. It offers a wealth of information about various components, makes it easier to search for and access local assets in a variety of media formats than ever before, and most importantly, EOBD Facile has the ability to develop its own code to ensure complete compatibility between your carโ€™s computers when running new maps on your entire network.


EOBD Facile presents a comprehensive and in-depth diagnostic tool for all car users. With this application, you will easily find the causes of any problem with your car. Through it, youโ€™ll know about the location of each part and their state of health so that you can repair your vehicle properly. The app has many dedicated instructions and specific guides that help you manually diagnose DIY repairs in the most convenient way possible.

EOBD Facile is a special program that allows you to access, repair and maintain your car by studying all the information on your vehicle. With EOBD Facile, you can learn unknown problems and issues of your car with ease, so you will be able to repair them quickly. The most sophisticated OBD2 scanner in the world. Our EOBD Facile Scanner allows you to repair and maintain all of your vehicleโ€™s systems. Our powerful EOBD device allows for the diagnosis and repair of many different car models.

EOBD Facile is the ultimate OBD2 Bluetooth car scanner. With an ELM327 adapter you will have the best ODB car scanner tool in your pocket!

Your Check Engine Light is on? Run an OBD2 car diagnostic with your smartphone and discover the reason why the OBD light is on… No need to go to the mechanic for car maintenance!

Connect an ELM327 diagnostic interface to your car’s ODB port (OBD2) and run our OBD2 car diagnostics scanner app: you will be able to read the engine and transmission fault codes and view data from your vehicle in real time. The ODB 2 car scanner will be able to notify about problems related to the car’s engine and transmission, like the gearbox, clutch, or other car parts related to the vehicle’s torque.

Our car scanner requires an ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth or WiFi adapter, like Veepeak or Vgate scan adapters. Also compatible with a klavkarr diagnostic car code reader.


๐Ÿ”Ž View OBD2 engine and transmission fault codes (also known as DTCs for Data Trouble Code) and see their meaning. E OBD11 Facile car scanner contains more than 15,000 definitions.

โœ… Delete (or erase) OBD2 torque fault codes with an ELM327 port.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Clear the Malfunction Indicator Light (check engine light) on your car dashboard with our OBD2 software.

๐Ÿš˜ EOBD Facile displays manufacturer-specific OBDii error codes. They will bring you additional information for the following brands: BMW, Lexus, Ford, Jeep, Kia, Nissan, Audi, Subaru, Volvo, etcโ€ฆ

๐Ÿ“Š Real-time display of car sensors and possibility of recording in a file. Depending on your vehicle’s configuration you will be able to see: vehicle speed, engine rpm, engine temperature, ignition timing, engine torque, the amount of air intake, etc.

๐Ÿ’พ Create records of your trips with E OBD Facile car diagnostic Windows / Macbook software.

๐Ÿ E OBD Facile OBD2 car diagnostic also lets you measure the acceleration performance of your car (0-100 km/h, standing start, etc.)


To check whether your car is compatible with the E OBD2 / ODB2 standard, visit our website. We created, with the data provided by our community, a list of several thousand OBD11 compatible vehicles tested with our E OBD Facile torque car scanner software. This list is available for free on our website, which includes OBD2 BMW, OBD2 Audi, OBD2 Nissan, ODB 2 Jeep, ODB Subaru and many others.

In general, all petrol vehicles produced since 2001 and diesel vehicles produced since 2004 are compatible with the E OBD Facile car scanner and ELM 327, whatever the brand.

Can’t find the location of your OBD2 torque adapter? Download our App “Where is my OBD2 scanner?” Find it!

The connection with your smartphone can be done using either an ELM 327 OBD2 Bluetooth or WiFi. Our E OBD11 Facile car scanner functions with these 2 types of wireless connection.

Warning: Lots of car scanner claiming to be ELM 327 compatible are sold on the internet under different names. Please consider that the connection problems with your car may come from these copies of ELM327 OBD2 torque scanners.

From our app, you can test whether your ELM 327 has all the mandatory functionalities to provide you a quality OBDii diagnosis.

If the majority of the functions are not available during this test, it is because your ODB torque car scanner is defective. In this case, we invite you to contact the company which sells these ELM 327: Kiwi 3, Viecar, Veepeak, Carista, LELink or Vgate scan adapter functions with our ODB2 car scanner app Torque.

For more information on our app and ODB2 car diagnostics torque obd2 scanner, please visit our website: ๐ŸŒ outilsobdfacile.com

Download EOBD Facile and have access to the best ODB Torque Car scanner, compatible with ELM 327 Bluetooth adapters. Join now and have complete control of your car maintenance!

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