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Fish Idle: Fishing Tycoon MOD APK v7.0.3 (Move Speed, Max Storage)

Fish Idle: Fishing Tycoon is an entertainment game who has a huge number of the players so that each player can enjoy the relaxing game.

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Fish Idle: Fishing Tycoon Mod APK is an amazingly realistic simulation where you could get real-time rewards based on your performance. You can also see the real-time temperature and weather in your location, as well as all sorts of challenges such as fishing at night, poor weather or rainy days. And if you want to log online with other people to fish together, you can do that too!

This is a luxury game that was created to provide you with the best fishing experience possible. The Fishing Tycoon game promises an entertaining and enjoyable experience for everyone who plays it. While there are plenty of other fishing games available, this one differs from others because it is designed to be realistic in every sense. This means that you will be able to catch more fish in a shorter period, so you can enjoy the game more often without feeling like you are wasting your time. There will also be certain limitations on the fish you can catch, which allows those who don’t enjoy fishing to have fun as well.

What is Fish idle: Fishing tycoon Mod APK

Fish Idle is a casual game that lets you play with beautiful fish and make them peacefully swim in their tank. With its high-quality graphics, it will be harder for you to avoid this fish beauty. Also, it has the ability to use your own music as background music, so you can enjoy your favorite song while fishing.

In fishing, you have to catch the fish by using the touch screen control, and then put it in a basket. You can also throw bait at the bait bowl to attract more fish. After catching a certain amount of fish, you can set up a shop for further profit. If your village is well-off and has enough farms, you can upgrade your favorite place.

In this game, you are the owner of a fishing resort. You aim to develop a successful fishing business and make the most money possible. Players will have to watch over the fish in their aquariums while they wait for them to grow big enough to sell at a high price.

Do you like fishing simulator games? Get on the boat and let’s go fishing with Fish Idle – the new fisher tycoon game that brings more fun to your smartphone or tablet than any other and gets you hooked!

Fish Idle brings you a unique idle fishing tycoon arcade game with smooth graphics and simple mechanics for maximum fun. Who doesn’t like fishing, right? If you like games that dont need wifi connection, now you can catch all kinds of fish you want and upgrade your fishing boat to become a fisher pro in one of the best idle tycoon games with no internet and for free.


Fish Idle is truly a hooked simulation game with simple controls that allow you to focus on your achievements and become a pro fisherman rather than learning how to play. Everything you see on your screen is meant to help you catch fish – as much and as big as you can.

– A single controller to move your fishing ark around with only your thumb;
– The fisher starts hooking fish as soon as you approach it at a certain radius that can further be widened – you don’t need to tap fish;
– Life, money, and gem indicators to provide you with actual information on your fish tycoon reserves;
– Upgrades to provide you with an advantage over the fish you catch and become a true fish hunter;
– Take your catch to your home base to get money for it and take a fishing break;
– Go to the Fish Farm to invest your earnings and get a return;
– Clear navigation with segments separated by gates that open upon reaching a particular level.


You can upgrade your boat upon catching the needed fish in this idle tycoon. Each fish type provides you with a particular amount of money and XP points – the rarer, the faster, and the bigger, the more expensive both money and experience-wise in this fishing simulator. These upgrades increase your chances of catching some of the most agile fish.

– Fishing speed upgrade to catch fish faster and get after some of the quirkiest of it – and you don’t even have to worry about fishing lures and fishing bait;
– Storage capacity upgrade to store more fish on your boat;
– Boat speed upgrade to be able to get after the fastest specimens out there;
– Fishing rods upgrade to catch more than one fish at once;
– Health upgrade to protect your boat from impact;
– Fishing radius upgrade to cover a larger area and not let the fish escape;
– Group fishing upgrade to increase the number of fishing rods to catch the same fish.


Like in the real-life, Fish Idle fishing game has various additional ways of getting profit off the catch. These facilities provide you with bonuses for rare currencies, such as treasure and caviar, and regular coins.

– Fish farm allows making minimal investments and then get a return throughout your game;
– Black market lets you upgrade your boat beyond standard upgrades;
– Bots shop lets you ‘hire’ fishing hunters and cargo ships that will fish for you and generate more money along with you;
– Exchanger allows you to exchange various in-game currencies, including special treasures that you can spend to get additional perks and ultimately become the best angler.


Above all, the fish you will catch varies in several qualities. While some of them will be calmly swarming while you’re seeing it, other fish will escape your rods as soon as you start catching them. Figure out how each type behaves and lure your prey into a trap with your fishing rod. Moreover, you get more experience points and money for the rarest and fastest types of fish.

If you were looking for fishing apps and games that bring more fun than aquarium games, such as Abyssrium, you’ve just found one. You won’t need fishing gear, like a fishing hook or fishing boots to enjoy the process – it’s not just a tap tycoon, it’s pure fun for real!

Download Fish Idle today for FREE and become the best fisher in the bay!

Download Fish idle: Fishing tycoon MOD APK (Move Speed, Max Storage)

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