Lords Hooray: Legends of Legio

Lords Hooray MOD APK v1.4.6(2109111924) (Speed Multiplier)

Lords Hooray is a real-time strategy game that lets players collect heroes and build armies, then use these warriors to win their battles.

App Name Lords Hooray: Legends of Legio
Size 104M
Latest Version 1.4.6(2109111924)
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MOD Info Speed Multiplier

Lord Hooray is a strategy game that uses the concept of head-to-head gameplay in order to offer players a variety of entertaining experiences for the genre. It also uses familiar elements from a fantasy world, which gives players endless excitement when fighting notable enemies. Depending on each player’s conquest of the lands, many new things will gradually open up and create a wide variety in the gameplay. Adventure the planet of Feralia in this role-playing strategy game. Build, customize and lead your team of Lords as you conquer across thousands of levels in this fantasy world. Perfect for both single player and multi-player games, there’s always something new to discover and battles to fight!

What is Lords Hooray Mod APK

Lords Hooray is a retro strategy title which uses the concept of Head-to-Head gameplay to offer players a multitude of interesting experiences. The game uses fantasy elements in a familiar world, and provides players with an endless amount of excitement when fighting notable enemies. Depending on your conquest of the land, many new things will gradually open up and create a lot of variety in your gameplay experience.

The game Lords Hooray is a head-to-head combat strategy game that uses the elements of well-made fantasy games to present a feast for players to experience. It includes many intriguing characters and monsters, as well as countless opportunities for players to upgrade and unlock new skills for their heroes!

Lords Hooray is a strategy game in which players have to conquer the lands. You will start the game with a small amount of coins, ruins and other resources to secure your position in the world by all means. Through strategic thinking and applying various formulas, you will use your units effectively to claim land. The gameplay is very similar to other popular games of this genre, but it has its own unique charm that attracts fans.

My Lord, welcome back to this ancient magic world! Start your new adventure with many subordinates, cute and cool! Find all of them along with your journey, build up your unstoppable legions, and conquer the world!

★Head-to-Head Battle: Defend your tower and destroy your opponent’s one is your goal!

★2000+ Stages to Conquer: From desert to ice land, leave your legend everywhere in this world!

★100+ Characters to Collect: Soldiers and heroes from 5 different races, each one is unique.

★Merge to Evolve: No one will be wasted, every character can evolve to unlock new look and skills, of course with a power boost.

★Embattle with Strategy: Line up your legions wisely, even the stronger enemy will be defeat.

★Dungeons to Challenge Daily: Types of dungeons and tasks are waiting for you to explore. Watching ads to get double bonuses!

★Plenty of Idle Rewards: Earning gold coins, diamonds, and other game resources when you are AFK, and getting well prepared when you back to gaming.

★Continuous Updates: The developer keeps doing updates weekly to optimize the game experience, and provide players with new things.

Kind Reminder:
*A network connection is required when playing the game.
*If there are any problems, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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