Road of Kings – Endless Glory

Road of Kings MOD APK 2.7.1 (Unlimited Skills, Always Critical)

Road of Kings MOD APK is a very popular Game and in this game you will play as the Commander who has to lead armies to victory.

App Name Road of Kings - Endless Glory
Size 250M
Latest Version 2.7.1
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MOD Info Unlimited Skills
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Road of KingsMod APK is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) on mobile devices. This MOBA game has two sides; one is the Black Team composed of warring factions, and the other is the White Team consisting of peaceful folk who fight for freedom from oppression. This is an old-school game with a lot of novel ideas which truly makes it stand out from others. Do not be afraid. You are about to become the king of your kingdom. The Road of Kings Mod APK is the most accurate and genuine mod for the game, which provides fun and the best experience.

What is Road of Kings Mod APK

With Road of Kings, players will be able to fight and conquer their opponents in an epic battle, while they build and manage their provinces. In the game, different races can be recruited to play a leading role in the war. You can also choose your unit (ranger or soldier) and select your path, which requires building vehicle or equipping them with abilities. The auto-combat battles require outstanding stats and tactical skills on the part of players.

In Road of Kings, you will control characters and lead them to battle. With the auto-combat battles, your heroes will be pitted against others in a fast-paced action. You will be able to expand your kingdom by building new buildings, upgrade existing ones and hire mercenaries. You need a good amount of gold and special resources in order to upgrade your heroes or build castles.

World of Kings is a mobile MOBA game with high-quality graphics and interesting play options. The creators have come up with a new concept for the genre, where you will build your own nation and decide which kind of wise king or queen to make it better. You have three types of leaders: land-bound, water-bound and air alphas. Each type varies in strength, attack range and movement speed, depending on their types: melee fighters are faster than ranged ones, but can’t hit air units.

Road of Kings – Endless Glory is an exciting new empire simulation RPG, which combines with strategy war games! You will experience the King’s life! The game pays attention to detail processing so that players can immerse in imperial management, political intrigue, brutal war, military strategy, and flirtatious romance!

In particular: you can turn on PEACE MODE then will not be attacked by others!

Main features:

●Be a king and build a harem, fight for honor, fight for love.
Romantic encounter will happen between you and seven beautiful, influential girls (even more, depending on your personal charm)! They are all glamorous princesses from different countries, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, China and Egypt. When the princesses start dancing, nobody can take their eyes off them!

● Recruit a series of legendary heroes
Recruit heroes and complete combat missions. Each hero has a 3D model and unique skills! You are supposed to add each hero to your favorite!

●Enjoy the rich rewards in game
It doesn’t affect your work at all! Send the hero to fight automatically – idling, can get a lot of rewards! You can accumulate wealth by idling every day. Unlike other SLG, no one can completely destroy your Kingdom! Enjoy the game as much as you can!

●Raise a family
Lovingly cultivate your children into brilliant persons!

Make friends and convert enemies into friends, fight for your throne!

●Join the PvP
You can play against other players around the world, fight for honor!

Would you choose to occupy enemy countries, imprison rival Lords and conquer their queens? Will you free the prisoners of war?
Or would you choose to be a peace-loving King, marry a princess and start a family — lovingly raise your children to be brilliant adults?

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