The Farm : Sassy Princess

The Farm: Sassy Princess v1.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The Farm is a story about the heartbreaking and beautiful memories of an old woman who is caring for her late husband’s dream farm.

App Name The Farm : Sassy Princess
Latest Version 1.2.0
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Sassy Princess is back! A farm story about a little princess who prefers the farm to the castle—and who’s also becoming a farmer, harvesting a variety of crops.You can build up a dream farm and live happily ever after with three bachelors. Let’s complete various quests for residents over the seasons to gain crops. With the Combo system, you can use multiple seeds to double your harvest and get better seeds than usual. The Farm is a story about the heartbreaking and beautiful memories of an old woman who is caring for her late husband’s dream farm. This farm story will bring back your memories, and give you new hope in life.

What is The Farm : Sassy Princess Mod APK

Sassy princess is the main character of this game, she is in love with a farm and wants to become a farmer the most. Users can not only interact with her, but also discuss romantic relationships, joint forces to grow crops, make friends and other activities. You can take a tour of the beautiful dream farm, which is loaded with different crops and lots of friendly neighbors. The game gives you three bachelors to choose from: the serious Roger, the passionate Sam, and the tender John. It is up to you who will be your partner in this dream farm!

Come and settle down at “Sassy Princess Farm”, a new farming escape mobile game by IMGA. You can return to your childhood with this cute farm life style, raise cute animals and grow fruits in this dream world. With many quests to complete, each season brings a fresh story and good rewards! Make friends with neighbors and craft special furniture with them! Sassy Princess Farm is easy to control: just tap to sow seeds, harvest crops, and complete missions — everything will be done automatically in beautiful 3D graphics!

Look at the cute little princess in a beautiful dress, she turned into a farmer after her grandpa passed away. In this game, you can help your favorite princess take care of the farm and grow various crops. As time goes by, players will be able to meet charming neighbors who have different personalities and develop into exclusive friends with them. There are also three male bachelors who will flirt with the cute lady. If you want to marry any one of them, then don’t forget to collect their heart!

Finally, ‘The Farm’ is back!
A farm story about a little princess
Meet the cute princess at a dream farm!

Special bonus for new users!!!
You can get 10,000 Pam when you finished only the tutorial.


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■ Become a farmer and harvest a variety of crops!

■ Meet the charming neighbors and help them solve the problems!

■ You can settle in and start your family with one of the three bachelors!

■ Complete different quests for residents over seasons and gain crops!

■ Combo system available! Say good bye to boring harvesting! Feel the fun in farming!

■ Fishing is one of the basics for farmers! Catch varieties of fishes!

■ Raise your Novice Farmer Princess to a Legendary Farmer!

“The Farm” is a game created for our users.
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