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Time Princess APK v2.6.4 (Latest)

Time Princess is the role-playing game! Players will become a princess in this family. Uncover the secrets of huge castle and make it come true.

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If you think that this is a princess game, then you are wrong. Time Princess is a magic adventure game. Players will be in charge of a baby princess who was stolen by the sorcerer and brought to the hidden castle. Overcome obstacles and enemies to find her parents, uncover the secrets of grandpa and mom, and make them come true.

In a beautiful and magical world, time has no meaning and your prince awaits. In Time Princess, the little princess is not born but you can create her. With each sacrifice, garnish and find magical items; accompany an enchanted tale of love, justice and destiny to conquer the castle in your dreams.

What is Time Princess Mod APK

The little princess in Time Princess is actually a goddess who has the power to make everything come true. After receiving a magical scroll, she became a real fairy for the first time in her life. She will then find out what her grandpa really wants from her. The game has an interesting story and beautiful graphics, which are both very popular at this moment.

I believe that princesses are very fortunate because they wear amazing clothes and accessories that can make you feel happy. Moreover, being a princess has awesome freedom to do what you want to do. To say it carefully, this is not real but we can enjoy this magical feeling by playing this game so please download Time Princess for free and start your journey as a princess!

You’ve been looking forward to the summer break, but now you must visit your grandpa in Paradise Town. This mysterious place, your doddering grandpa, and your mother’s old bedroom… You can’t help but feel that there’s a secret hidden here.

A dusty old lectern shall become the gateway between reality and the world of books and open up the way to a beautiful, magical adventure.

Step into Versailles, fight the chaos threatening the kingdom over an opulent necklace; obtain stunning palace attire, and immerse yourself in 18th-century Rococo beauty. Of course, you will also meet a special person in your life, and face difficult decisions in critical situations…

Unique and beautiful attire and accessories
Every story will have its style that suits the world it’s set in: ancient, modern, eastern, western, and more.

Dramatic story-changing choices
The story’s ending and the fate of its characters lie in your hands.

Highly customizable clothing DIY
Use your imagination and apply particular styles, patterns, and colors to customize everything to your liking.

Relaxing and fun pet system
Collect cute kitty cats of various colors and markings, and send them out to help you collect materials. There’s no need to replay stages over and over again. Get all you need in a fun and carefree manner.

Make friends and share your wardrobe
Make friends with fellow players worldwide, and share your clothes and your creativity!

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